New Alpha Version Released

Hi all – here you can download the latest version of my ESports Forecaster (currently covering Dota 2). This version should work with both 32 and 64-bit Windows.

** Note – there is a bug in the calculation of the Series Draw bet on Bo2s **

ESportsForecaster - Alpha (24 MB) (4713 downloads)


ESportsForecaster - Alpha - with .NET 4.5 (72 MB) (578 downloads)


This version is a massive improvement over theĀ original text-based alpha model. We have completely revamped the look of the model, and there is now functionality to update rosters manually.

Here’s a screenshot of the new version –


One thought on “New Alpha Version Released”

  1. Love the new UI, however the odds showing only full percentages without any decimal points or any option to select how accurate you want the odds to be sucks.

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