Necessary Upgrade – Alpha v1.08 Released!

Hi all – here you can find the latest version of the eSports Forecaster! I’m working hard to get the start up time down.

Please consider signing up with one of our affiliated bookmakers using the links inside the program to further support the program’s development!

ESportsForecaster v1.08 (alpha) (24 MB) (5800 downloads)


mirror (tinyupload)


ESportsForecaster v1.08 (alpha) w .NET 4.5 (72 MB) (6709 downloads)


Thanks for your support, and good luck!

2 thoughts on “Necessary Upgrade – Alpha v1.08 Released!”

    1. Certainly, that is one of the biggest strengths of this model! In the series view, hit the + next to Rosters, and you should be able to add / remove players.

      If you don’t see the player you want to add, there is a button at the bottom to ‘unfilter’ the players, meaning that all the players will then be available to choose from (instead of just ones that the model think are likely standins for that team).

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