Free / Open Model Period Ending Sep 29

Hi all –

I’m sure many will not be pleased with this post.

The model will no longer be available for free download starting Sep 29. I’ve decided to close access to the model for several reasons, which I will explain.

I’m not getting any signups through the affiliate ads, so the ‘free business model’ has failed. This gives me pretty little incentive to provide the model for free.

My main income right now comes from profitable esports betting. I’m starting to see lines move more quickly, and it feels like I am betting against my own model at times. I feel that having my model in other bettors’ hands is starting to affect my own profitability.

Some bookmakers are bad at opening Dota 2 lines, and since this is how I make money right now, I don’t want to put a tool like this into their hands for free.

I will be pursuing other ideas for monetizing the model, but will be closing access to the model in the meantime. The program will stop working on Sep 29, 2016.

Thank you for your support and I hope that you were able to make some profit using this model while it was available. I will still have a need for alpha testers, please contact me directly via email ( if you are interested.

I will continue to post model forecasts from time to time on the /r/dota2betting subreddit. Hope to see you there (please comment and upvote)!

4 thoughts on “Free / Open Model Period Ending Sep 29”

  1. Hello Sixfour

    I just found your page, and it looks pretty cool – would it be possible to be paying for it etc? i would be really interested

    Kind Regards

    1. I don’t think it’s at the point where I’d feel comfortable charging for it – it can be pretty finicky and misses a lot of series right now, due to bad datasourcing. Send me an email and we’ll work something out.

  2. Hey, was just wondering how long the downtime will be from the shutdown to when you either start recruiting testers or put up subscriptions?

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