Screenshot of eSports Forecaster v2.00 (alpha)

Series List Help Page

This page shows a list of series and the model forecast for the first map of each series.

Please note that W% is the model forecast for the first map – not to win the entire series. The reason for this is so that when you look at a bunch of series at a glance, you can quickly compare the relative strengths of teams, and identify how close various matchups are. This doesn’t work as well when you mix between odds of winning say Best of 5s and Best of 1s.

If you double click any series you will see the model detailed forecast for that series, where you can find the model’s probability to win each map and the series outright, as well as a variety of other information.

If the view you are looking at has historical matches, then you will see some model statistics in the top right of the screen. Most importantly you’ll see the number of games played, and the model’s overall success rate, if you were to always take the model favorite.