main screen of esports forecaster program

eSports Forecaster Main Help Page

When the eSports Forecaster program is fully loaded – you should arrive at the Main application screen. At the bottom of the screen there is a Status Bar which should let you know what the program is doing.

There are two main buttons on the top half of this screen –

  • Upcoming Series – see all upcoming series that the model has loaded. This will be filtered based on your selections under Search Options
  • Recent Series – see all series that are marked as completed on or after the date selected. This is also filtered based on your selections under Search Options. If you select a date way in the past, it may take a bit longer to load.

On the bottom half of this screen we have Stats and Model Details by eSport.

You can select the eSport you want to look at in the first dropdown. Then you have three other buttons here –

  • Players – see the top rated players for the selected eSport
  • Teams – see the top rated teams for the selected eSport – using their most recently played roster
  • Calibration – see statistics and make changes to the model calibration for the selected eSport

At the top of the Main Screen, you have a variety of options on the toolbar.

Under File –

  • Save All – Saves all eSport data and model parameters that you have loaded.
  • Save on Exit – Automatically saves all eSport data when you close the program (recommended – sorry it will take around 10s to close though)
  • Open Screenshots – A shortcut to get to the screenshot folder
  • Visit Website – Links to this very website
  • Admin Login – Don’t touch it unless if you are me!
  • Exit – You can probably guess that one.

Under eSports – you have a list of eSports that will filter all the other panels in the program. If you only select the eSports that you are interested, and you hit File > Save All, then on next load, only these eSports will be loaded. If you are loading an eSport for the first time, it will take a couple seconds to load that data into memory.

Under Search Options –

  • Include TBDs – Include series with teams that are To Be Determined
  • Include PROVs – Include series with teams that have a provisional rating
  • Only Overrides – Only show series where the roster has been manually overriden
  • Only OTs – Only show series that have gone to OT (CS:GO only – mostly for testing)
  • Only Defaults – Only show series that have Defaulted games (mostly for testing)

Under Load Options –

  • Force Web Load Now – This will tell the program to go and download any upcoming series and series results that are currently available, for the eSports you have selected under eSports
  • Automatic Web Load – Here you can set up the program to load upcoming and series results automatically. You can tell it to Start and you can set a timer to specify how frequently to download
  • Manual URL Load – This can be used to manually add any missing series that you find on GosuGamers. You can also load entire events that may be missing (currently ‘events’ only – not tournaments yet)
  • Inspect Series by Id – Mostly for testing purposes – if you see a series on GosuGamers and want to pull up the corresponding series in this program, you can try the id which is the last number in the GosuGamers series URL.