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Free / Open Model Period Ending Sep 29

Hi all –

I’m sure many will not be pleased with this post.

The model will no longer be available for free download starting Sep 29. I’ve decided to close access to the model for several reasons, which I will explain.

I’m not getting any signups through the affiliate ads, so the ‘free business model’ has failed. This gives me pretty little incentive to provide the model for free.

My main income right now comes from profitable esports betting. I’m starting to see lines move more quickly, and it feels like I am betting against my own model at times. I feel that having my model in other bettors’ hands is starting to affect my own profitability.

Some bookmakers are bad at opening Dota 2 lines, and since this is how I make money right now, I don’t want to put a tool like this into their hands for free.

I will be pursuing other ideas for monetizing the model, but will be closing access to the model in the meantime. The program will stop working on Sep 29, 2016.

Thank you for your support and I hope that you were able to make some profit using this model while it was available. I will still have a need for alpha testers, please contact me directly via email ( if you are interested.

I will continue to post model forecasts from time to time on the /r/dota2betting subreddit. Hope to see you there (please comment and upvote)!

Necessary Upgrade – Alpha v1.08 Released!

Hi all – here you can find the latest version of the eSports Forecaster! I’m working hard to get the start up time down.

Please consider signing up with one of our affiliated bookmakers using the links inside the program to further support the program’s development!

ESportsForecaster v1.08 (alpha) (24 MB) (5800 downloads)


mirror (tinyupload)


ESportsForecaster v1.08 (alpha) w .NET 4.5 (72 MB) (6709 downloads)


Thanks for your support, and good luck!

Alpha v1.06 Released!

Releasing a new version of the model – hope you all like it!

Kaipi vs Fantastic Five

ESportsForecaster - Alpha (24 MB) (4713 downloads)


  • Significant Improvement to Series View
  • Recording Wins should work for Created Series
  • Improvement to Roster Updates
  • Team Logos and Player Photos added
  • Updated Colour Scheme


ESportsForecaster - Alpha (24 MB) (4713 downloads)


ESportsForecaster - Alpha - with .NET 4.5 (72 MB) (578 downloads)


Please leave feedback, and report bugs, thanks!

Alpha v1.05 Released!

Hi all – I’ve released a new alpha version which is more stable and fixes several bugs.

ESportsForecaster - Alpha (24 MB) (4713 downloads)


Roster changes should update better with this version. Please hit the ‘Lock’ button after you are done making changes to rosters for the model to save the new roster and recalculate.lock rosters

I’ve also added a Teams page so you can see the models ratings of each team, and so that you can search for teams.teams

Double-click a team to bring up their recent history and upcoming series.EHOME - Series History


ESportsForecaster - Alpha (24 MB) (4713 downloads)


ESportsForecaster - Alpha - with .NET 4.5 (72 MB) (578 downloads)


Try it out and please leave feedback, thanks!

Good luck all!

New Alpha Version Released

Hi all – here you can download the latest version of my ESports Forecaster (currently covering Dota 2). This version should work with both 32 and 64-bit Windows.

** Note – there is a bug in the calculation of the Series Draw bet on Bo2s **

ESportsForecaster - Alpha (24 MB) (4713 downloads)


ESportsForecaster - Alpha - with .NET 4.5 (72 MB) (578 downloads)


This version is a massive improvement over the original text-based alpha model. We have completely revamped the look of the model, and there is now functionality to update rosters manually.

Here’s a screenshot of the new version –


Alpha v1.00 Released!

Hi all – Welcome to my new site!

** I’m planning on releasing a new version, with better views (no console window) and working on 32-bit Windows – current ETA is July 23-26. **

** Many reports of download issues – to be fixed for next version **

I am developing an Elo-based model for forecasting professional Dota 2 matches. This model is able to account for roster changes and standins as I have built the rating system onto the players, instead of the teams.

I have just released the alpha version below. Please take a look at the Model Overview if you are not already familiar with this model from my posts on reddit.

Model Overview and Q&A

You can download the alpha version of the model here (note – Chrome may flag as unsafe – looking into it):

Dota 2 Elo-Based Model [Alpha] (0 downloads)

** KNOWN ISSUE – Current version only working on 64-bit – to be fixed for next version.

After the model has loaded today’s matches, you can just hit <Enter> to get a list of commands. Most common commands would be: upcoming, bets <id#>loadhistoryteamsplayers

Some examples of using the model can be found on our page of Model Commands.

Please let me know if you have any questions or problems with the installation or using the model.

Here is the model download link once more:

Dota 2 Elo-Based Model [Alpha] (0 downloads)