Alpha v1.05 Released!

Hi all – I’ve released a new alpha version which is more stable and fixes several bugs.

ESportsForecaster - Alpha (24 MB) (4713 downloads)


Roster changes should update better with this version. Please hit the ‘Lock’ button after you are done making changes to rosters for the model to save the new roster and recalculate.lock rosters

I’ve also added a Teams page so you can see the models ratings of each team, and so that you can search for teams.teams

Double-click a team to bring up their recent history and upcoming series.EHOME - Series History


ESportsForecaster - Alpha (24 MB) (4713 downloads)


ESportsForecaster - Alpha - with .NET 4.5 (72 MB) (578 downloads)


Try it out and please leave feedback, thanks!

Good luck all!

5 thoughts on “Alpha v1.05 Released!”

  1. There is a bug where if you manually add a bo2 or bo3 series, you cannot place the 2nd or 3rd match scores, you can only check and save the results of the 1st match.

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