Alpha v1.00 Released!

Hi all – Welcome to my new site!

** I’m planning on releasing a new version, with better views (no console window) and working on 32-bit Windows – current ETA is July 23-26. **

** Many reports of download issues – to be fixed for next version **

I am developing an Elo-based model for forecasting professional Dota 2 matches. This model is able to account for roster changes and standins as I have built the rating system onto the players, instead of the teams.

I have just released the alpha version below. Please take a look at the Model Overview if you are not already familiar with this model from my posts on reddit.

Model Overview and Q&A

You can download the alpha version of the model here (note – Chrome may flag as unsafe – looking into it):

Dota 2 Elo-Based Model [Alpha] (0 downloads)

** KNOWN ISSUE – Current version only working on 64-bit – to be fixed for next version.

After the model has loaded today’s matches, you can just hit <Enter> to get a list of commands. Most common commands would be: upcoming, bets <id#>loadhistoryteamsplayers

Some examples of using the model can be found on our page of Model Commands.

Please let me know if you have any questions or problems with the installation or using the model.

Here is the model download link once more:

Dota 2 Elo-Based Model [Alpha] (0 downloads)